Diane's Vintage Market

Downtown Historic Fayetteville

242 Hay Street - Fayetteville, NC     (910) 867-2000

Welcome to Diane's Vintage Market

We really do understand your love of vintage, retro and classic.  When you walk into our door, we hope you get lost in the style and nostalgia that we consider timeless.  Our number one goal is to not just please our clients, but to listen to them. We work with people who reclaim old buildings, barns and factories. To that end, we put a lot of custom orders together for our clients.  We like to think of ourselves as an eclectic mix of antiques, vintage and retro and as a place where you will feel at home.  Diane's Vintage Market has been located in Fayetteville since 2002. Let us help you create the environment you love. 

The scoop on Diane's Vintage Market

Like a lot of people in the business I am in, I truly love what I do. I suppose I have been a collector of old things and a lover of nostalgia all my life. For me, Vintage just works. 

I spend a lot of time buying what I feel is truly unique and I am blessed to have strong repeat business as well as a constant stream of new clients. All the more blessed because my clients are my friends. They becomea part of my life., and why not? We share a love vintage and we want the things I bring to market to find the right home. 

In 2002 I decided to open a shop and I knew exactly where it would be. I looked no further than downtown Fayetteville. What the city and the Downtown Alliance has done here is remarkable. The farmers market, the development and encouragement of small businesses has all worked. The entire area is alive and thriving and we love it.

Beautiful Things

Candles and other products by THYMES

"I cannot imagine a more eclectic mix of shops and historic buildings than in Downtown Fayetteville, N.C. We love it here."  - Diane Funari

100% Handmade items

 - like the Rainbow Water Prisms